About the institut

At a glance

The Institute of Psychology was created in 1920 and is the birthplace of French psychology. It was the first institution to train psychologists at the university level.

In January 2020, the Institute of Psychology joined the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of Université Paris Cité.

The Institute has 4,000 students studying psychology from the undergraduate to the post-graduate levels, as well as L1 and L2 students of social sciences.

It is one of the only training and research centers in France to offer a broad range of courses in the other subdisciplines that lead to the many careers in psychology, namely experimental cognitive psychology, child and adolescent psychology, integrative psychopathology, psychoanalytical clinical psychopathology, psychophysiology and neuroscience, neuropsychology, health psychology, gerontological psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, ergonomics and human factors psychology, environmental and social psychology and economics and psychology.

Students can therefore familiarize themselves with the main theoretical aspects of contemporary psychology, then specialize throughout their program.

Among the programs at the Institute of Psychology are a Bachelor’s in General Psychology, a professional bachelor’s degree specialized in assisting people with autism, five master’s degrees covering 16 specializations in psychology and a Master’s in Creative Arts Therapy. The Institute also offers continuing professional development through a variety of courses (10 university diplomas) and assists in training psychologists within the national education system (PsyEN Training Center).

Since its creation, the Institute of Psychology has been recognized for the quality of its programs and research, thanks to a highly committed team of professors that believes in innovative teaching styles and is involved in the development of new projects within its laboratories.

The Institute of Psychology is home to the Henri Piéron Library – the only one of its kind in France, recognized for the wide variety of its collections and resources – which received the COLLEX label of excellence.

The Campus

Located in Boulogne-Billancourt near to Porte de Saint-Cloud, the Institute of Psychology is situated in a newly renovated building for the comfort of all students and staff.

The main building comprises three underground levels, two of which are used as parking lots. The Piéron Library is located on level -1. With its glass window exterior, the library has a view of the Institute’s green areas. The underground passage on the same level leads to the four lecture halls and the CROUS university restaurant located in a separate building. The classrooms and administrative offices, which are all accessible to students with disabilities, are spread across the ground floor, level -1 and the three floors. The research laboratories are located on the 4th and 5th floors. The rooftop terrace located on the 6th and last floor is reserved for research laboratories and technical facilities.

Since 2017, major improvement works have been carried out to upgrade the quality of the buildings, such as the renovation of the main hall and the passage leading to the lecture halls.

Administration of the Institute of Psychology