VR Platform

Virtual reality is a new form of computer technology that has seen a rise in development over almost 20 years. It can create a simulated physical environment within which a user can interact.

It also offers the possibility to reproduce multisensory experiences in a way that saves energy, study human cognitive, emotional and social behavior online and provide training programs and cognitive-behavioral treatments such as cybertherapy.

The Institute of Psychology aims to create a new area of research around this new technology and promote its use in the many fields of psychology research as part of its innovative teaching strategy.

The Institute of Psychology is proud to announce that the virtual reality platform has been in operation since 2018 and is accessible to all areas of application in psychology. The PSY-VR platform comes with a workshop on creating virtual environments and immersive rooms. The platform has also led to the creation of a new program: the University Diploma in Virtual Reality and Psychology. This program, complete with theoretical and practical aspects, will introduce students to the applications of virtual reality in psychology.

Scientific Director : Prof Pascale Piolino

Scientific and Technical Committee 

Pascale Piolino (Scientific Director for the platform), Alexandre Gaston Bellegard (Engineer of the platform), Isabelle Jambaqué (Director of the Institute), Théodore Alexopoulos (LPS), Mathieu Cassotti (LaPsyDé), Todd Lubart (LATI), Cécile Flahaut (LPPS), Valentina La Corte (LMC), Eric Orriols (IE, LMC), Patrice Senot (VAC), Isabelle Varescon (LPPS, VP-CSL UFR), Xanthie Vlachopoulou (PCPP).

Contact for the Platform :  rv-psy@psychologie.parisdescartes.fr

> University Diploma in Virtual Reality