Administration and Governance


> Director of the Institute of Psychology

Following her first mandate (2017-2022), Isabelle JAMBAQUÉ-AUBOURG, professor of neuropsychology was re-elected director of the Institute of Psychology on March 24, 2022 for a second mandate. It represents the interests of the Institute of Psychology in the various university bodies and with external partners. She chairs the three councils, prepares and carries out their deliberations, receives their proposals and opinions.

Assistant Director : Pascale PIOLINO

Assistant Director : Xabi BORTEYROU

Head of Administrative Services : Jean-Philippe JAMET – Acting Head

Directorate Secretariat : David VUILLAUME
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Management Board

The Management Board is the decision-making arm of the department and determines the life and progress of the Institute of Psychology. This includes matters relating to courses and diplomas, research, international partnerships and agreements, funds and the budget, student life, etc. The Management Board, subject to the necessary approval, can decide on matters where no authority has been delegated to another body under specific legislation, regulations or bylaws.

Members ofManagement Board

College A : Catherine AZOULAY, Grégoire BORST, Xabi BORTEYROU, Catherine BUNGENER, Arnaud CACHIA, Marcela GARGIULO, Isabelle JAMBAQUÉ-AUBOURG (Directrice), Farzaneh PAHLAVAN, Aurélie UNTAS BORTEYROU, Dorine VERGILINO PEREZ

College B : Nadia ALAHYANE, Sophie BLANCHET, Alexia BODOUIN, Céline BONNAIRE, Laurence CHABY, Alex DE CARVALHO, Emmanuel DEVOUCHE, Marie-Pierre FAYANT, Cyril THOMAS, Xanthi VLACHOPOULOS

College IATSS : Laurent BERTHET, Philippe DUFOUR DE LATTRE, Valérie VAN EXTER, Marine VASSARD

Users College (elected students) :  Aurélie AHOUANGNIMON, Irina BERAUD, Calista GIBOUIN, Valentin GUIBERT, Paul NIBAUDEAU, Cezar PEROUZE

Substitutes : Béatrice BELASOI, Flore DESRSOIR, Mila DUVAL, Lubin GAMALIEL, Valentin GIRONNAY, Léo QUESSEVEUR

Outside experts : Anne-Charlotte LORBER, Pascal LOUAP (Mairie de Boulogne-Billancourt)

The Deputy Directors and the Head of Administrative Services are invited on a permanent basis, without a deliberative vote.




The Local Scientific Board

The Local Scientific Board is an advisory body which gives opinions on the Institute of Psychology’s research programs and scientific policies, as well as on scientific events aimed at publishing and highlighting research. Consultations are held with the Board to confer the titles of professor and professor emeritus.


Members of the Local Scientific Board

College A : Anaud CACHIA, Grégoire BORST, Karine DORÉ-MAZARD (Directrice de l’ED 261), Alma Guilbert, Isabelle JAMBAQUÉ-AUBOURG (Directrice et Présidente), Pascale PIOLINO, Rasyid SANITIOSO, Benoît VERDON, Jaqueline WENDLAND, Franck ZENASNI

College B :  Maria Cristina AELENEI, Julie COLLANGE, Philippe DRWESKI, Léonor FASSE, Louisa LAVERGNE, Arnaud VIAROUGE


Elected members of the guest research commissions : Isabelle VARESCON, Dorine VERGILINO-PEREZ

Assistant Directors and the Chief of Administrative Services are invited on a permanent basis.




The Local Academic Board

The Local Academic Board is responsible for all matters relating to the careers and positions of professors. It provides an opinion on candidates’ applications, the composition of selection committees and the ranking of temporary research fellows (ATERs).

This Board comprises lecturers and professors appointed to the Management and Local Scientific Boards; department professors appointed to the university’s Academic Commission and Research Commission are members by right.