Student Associations

Association of Psychology Students (Association Des Etudiants en PSYchologie, ADEPSY)

For over 25 years, numerous students have taken part in the ADEPSY association and provided academic assistance to students, from the undergraduate to graduate levels. For a fee of €5 per academic year, members will have access to a variety of teaching materials and school services (course notes, past papers, tutorials, student representations, document binding, etc.). Throughout the year, the Association also organizes awareness campaigns, book drives, film screenings, and discussions on issues in psychology.


President : Khady Mboup
Vice President/Treasurer : Loic Hirrien
Secretary : Justine Gervais
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The Student Office (Bureau des Etudiants, BDE)

The Boulogne BDE organizes all off-campus events such as parties, afterwork hangouts, trips, etc.


Presidente : Marine Moreau
President : Niel Corentin
Vice President : NARAYANINSAMY Bryan
Secretary : CALONI Constance
Treasurer : TRICAUD Corentin
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The Boulogne-Billancourt Collective of Student Initiatives (Collectif des Initiatives des Etudiants de Boulogne Billancourt, CIE)

The Boulogne CIE is an association of student volunteers who participate in student projects alongside their classes, exams and theses. All our activities are carried out with the objective of benefiting students since we are students ourselves. Non-members have also been at the forefront of some of our projects, so we invite everyone to suggest their ideas and get involved if they want to !

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President : Inès Bouhara
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Secretary : Calbel Agathe
Treasurer:  Maïlys ROCHE-LAUGA


The Humani’Terre Association has two types of activities: social and humanitarian. Throughout the year, we put on a number of social activities for our members near to their place of residence (by partnering with other associations), such as assisting the homeless, giving French classes to refugees, organizing activities in retirement homes and mentoring Erasmus students. At the end of each year, a group of volunteers participates in a humanitarian mission to help people financially or through service. The financial assistance comes from donations we collect from our various activities (selling gift wrapping paper, international food events, providing coffee at symposiums, charity events, etc.).


President : Mouna Chebli
Vice-presidentes : Lucie Vandewynckele et Joane Cohen
Treasurer : Jade Lang
Secretary : Mouna Chebli
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Piéron Green Team

The Piéron Green Team aims to raise awareness of environmental issues at the Henri Piéron Institute of Psychology. Activities include environment-based film screenings and debates, and programs to recycle and reuse waste.

President : Calista Gibouin

National Federation of Psychology Students (Fédération Nationale des Etudiants en Psychologie, FENEPSY)