Université Paris Cité grants student status once the administrative registration process is complete.

Once students complete this first step, they can obtain their official documents (student card, enrolment certificate) and access the online portal (espace numérique de travail, ENT). Using the ENT, students can complete their academic registration and create their timetable (registration for lectures and tutorials). The administrative registration process must therefore be done as soon as possible. In addition, internship agreements will not be signed (and internships cannot therefore be started) before this process is completed.


Administrative Registration: Bachelor’s – Professional Bachelor’s – Master’s


Administrative registration takes place when authorization for registration is received or, in some cases, in the event of automatic re-registration, and after the Student and Campus Life Contribution fees are paid (CVEC). The status of student or intern is granted once tuition is paid.
Following this, students receive their certificate of enrolment and their student card. It is essential that candidates comply with their program’s deadlines for administrative registration. Administrative registration is necessary to carry out the academic registration and sit exams.


The process has 3 steps :  Université Paris Cité website

Specific procedure for international students :

  • Contact the academic coordinators for your program in order to obtain a registration form (link to the various academic coordinators)
  • Once registration is complete, students will receive their student card and certificate of enrolment by post. If necessary, copies of the certificate of enrolment can be downloaded from the Mon Dossier Web online portal.
  • Find out more :


Contacts :

The Contact Center assists users with administrative procedures related to applications, administrative registration and collecting diplomas.

Academic Registration for Bachelor’s and Professional Bachelor’s Programs

Academic Registration for Master’s Programs

Bachelor’s and Professional Bachelor’s Programs

Master’s Programs