Bachelor’s in Psychology

The Bachelor’s in General Psychology at the Institute of Psychology offers solid universal training. This training is the prerequisite for the Master’s in Psychology, where the focus is on professional skills and research.

The strength and unique nature of the degree are rooted in the multidisciplinary approach of the program, which provides an overview of the field’s many subdisciplines.

The different subdisciplines of psychology – clinical psychology, psychopathology, experimental cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, differential psychology, social psychology, neuropsychology, psychophysiology and neuroscience – are gradually examined. Along with these fundamental disciplines, courses in statistics, information technology and English make up the tools necessary for studying psychology and entering the workforce. These courses also help students to prepare for the IT certification exam (PIX) and language exams.

From the undergraduate level onwards, students are in charge of their own learning. In addition to the internship (105 hrs. in L3), students are given group projects throughout the program, such as the Learning Through Research (APR) project and the Research Paper (TER).

There are three academic tools that help first-year students to adapt to university life: the orientation week, student tutoring and personalized assistance from coordinators.

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Double Bachelor’s in Health Science and Psychology

Université Paris Cité offers many double degrees known as double bachelor’s, including the Double Bachelor’s in Health Science and Psychology. The principle of these double bachelor’s is to allow interested students to simultaneously pursue two bachelor’s programs (by adapting the classes to make them compatible with schedules, tutorials and coursework) and obtain two separate bachelor’s degrees after three years.

The Double Bachelor’s in Health Science and Psychology can be used to enroll in specializations of the Master’s in Psychology as well as the Master’s in Health Sciences, which lead to a wide variety of careers in both these fields.


  • It is not possible to register for a double bachelor’s in two different levels (for example, 1st year of Psychology and 2nd year in Health Sciences).
  • Pre-requisites: Science-focused high school education with low or high honors



Head of the Bachelor’s of Psychology : Sophie Blanchet
Head of the Undergraduate Division : Julie Sao
Questions relating to the Undergraduate Division should be addressed to :